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12 Great Outdoor Activities For The Whole Family

As the weather gets nicer, we tend to want to spend more time outdoors. And let’s face it, children have tons of energy that needs to be expended somehow. Spend time outdoors with your family to make use of that excess energy and to take advantage of the longer days and warmer weather. Below, you will find 12 great ways that your family can spend time together outdoors!

  1. Attend a Sporting Event - Whether softball, baseball, football, or soccer, there are many possibilities for attending a sporting event.. From the local park and recreation leagues to school ball to college to minors to majors, there is sure to be an option available to your family. Check for special promotions (such as fireworks or kids run the bases night) before you go!
  2. Find a Festival - Search for festivals to fit your family’s interests. Some you can choose from include a music festival, a strawberry pickin’ festival, or an antique car festival.
  3. Spend the Day on the Water - Visit a waterpark, kayak on a river, boat on a lake, swim in a pool, fish in a pond, or spend the day at the beach! Time on the water always makes for a great family day.
  4. Visit a Park - You can spend the day exploring a local park or a state park. Most state parks offer extra activities such as horseback riding, nature trails, hiking, etc. 
  5. Fly Kites - Let each family member pick out their own kite, and then fly them together!
  6. Exercise Outdoors - Spend time with the family by exercising together. You can go on a walk around the neighborhood, ride bikes, or do yoga.
  7. Play Games - There are so many fun outdoor games that the whole family can enjoy. Cornhole, basketball, badminton, kickball, and hide and seek are just a few. When I was a kid, I loved playing Ghost in the Graveyard and Capture the Flag at night!
  8. Grill & Eat Outdoors - Grillin’ and summer days go together so well! While mom and dad get dinner ready, the kids can play on the swingset, set the table, and hang outside. Take full advantage of nice weather by also eating outdoors together. 
  9. Watch a Movie Outdoors - I love watching movies while sitting in the back of a truck at a drive-in theater. If there is not one near you, you can create your own set-up at home. You can use a projector to watch the movie on a large screen (use a white sheet as a cheap option). If all else fails, you can just move your tv outside! 
  10. Get the Firepit Going - Sit in lounge chairs around the fire as you make s’mores, tell stories, and/or sing songs. You could also roast hotdogs for a quick and fun dinner!
  11. Grow a Garden - Plant flowers or vegetables together as a family. Since these are long-term projects, they ensure that plenty of family time will be spent together outdoors.
  12. Go Geocaching - I absolutely loved geocaching with my daughter and her friends. The short version of geocaching is that you are looking for hidden containers from clues and gps coordinates. You may find them at a park or cemetary (among other places). Research this. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

Tim Fargo said, “A treasured memory is the lasting gift of time well spent.” Go, and make those memories outdoors with your fam jam!