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10 Ways To Celebrate Mothers On Mother's Day

Mothers are pretty special people. They are typically the rock of the family and keep the house running 24/7 for 365 days per year. We expect them to handle all of the tasks, because they always do. Oftentimes, the work of mothers is taken for granted (although we know they deserve all the praise). So, this year, make sure that you show the moms in your life the appreciation that they deserve. Celebrate them, recognize them, hug them, and show them you love them. Not sure how to accomplish this? Check out these 10 ways to celebrate mothers on Mother’s Day: 

1.  Breakfast in bed/Sleeping-in - Many moms get up early every day to get the ball rolling around the house. On Mother’s Day, let her sleep in! When she does wake up, take her favorite breakfast to her to enjoy in bed. To make it even better, let her have control of the remote, too! But make sure of one NOT leave a mess in the kitchen for her to have to clean up later!

2.  Day off duty/Peaceful time - Mothers love their children more than anything in the world. However, sometimes we all need a break. This Mother’s Day, let the moms in your life have a day “off duty.” Plan the meals (whether cooking at home, getting takeout/delivery, or dining out) and perform all of the other tasks that the moms would usually do. If cooking at home, buy the groceries needed (don’t make her do so herself) and not leave a mess! If your circumstances prevent you from giving the mom a full day off, give her a few hours to take a nap, binge watch Netflix, take a relaxing bath, read, etc.

3.  Games - I LOVE to play games of any kind. If Mother’s Day happens to be a great day temperature wise, you can have an afternoon of playing outdoor games as a family. Kickball, softball/baseball, basketball, corn hole, soccer, horse shoes, and badminton are all great ideas! Of course, you can also have a board game day indoors. Pictionary, Taboo, Monopoly, Clue, and Yahtzee are some of my personal faves!

4.  Manicure/Pedicure - Going to the nail spa is probably my favorite “splurge.” It’s so relaxing and gives you a small amount of time to forget about the stresses of life. Give the mothers in your life a gift certificate to their favorite nail salon, and let them go (either alone or as a mother/daughter date) on Mother’s Day. Even better -- call ahead of time and book her an appointment so that she doesn’t have to wait!

5.  Arts and Crafts - If the moms in your life enjoy crafting, arrange to have a craft day as a family. Purchase the supplies and set-up a workstation. Some ideas include painting (canvases, cups, picture frames, etc.), making wreaths, making jewelry, and creating floral arrangements. You could take the game up a not and learn to make soap or candles. Pinterest is a great place to get cool ideas, too!

6.  Movie - This idea is so versatile! You can send mom on a girls trip to the theater, take a family trip to the theater, or just cuddle up at home and watch movies. Her favorite snacks are a must!

7.  Sporting Event - If the moms in your life love sports as much as I do, check to see if there is a sporting event nearby. Most colleges are in baseball and softball seasons, and of course, MLB is in-season, as well. If there is no event, plan a sports activity such as golf, Top Golf, batting cages, or bowling. 

8.  Video - Get creative and make mom a cute video telling her why she is so special! You can sing and dance, too!

9.  Shopping - Give her a gift card to her favorite store(s) and let her go shopping alone. While she is gone, clean up the house for her! This can be combined with dining out as you can tell her to pick out a nice outfit for dinner.

10.  Hobby - Spend the day doing what the mothers in your life love most. Working in the garden, going for a walk or swim, baking, doing puzzles, riding horses, and taking a short road trip are all fun ideas!

I love that the ideas above can be tweaked to fit the personality of the mothers in your life as well as fit your budget. And, I know the mothers will enjoy whatever you plan!